Our response to HuffPost’s flawed article “Muslims are the true feminists”

Muslim Feminists

When we think of typical western leftist liberal media outlets which keep spouting unintelligible nonsense regularly, there are a couple of names which are sure to figure high in all of our lists. Of course, I am talking about Salon and Huffington Post but some would argue The Guardian is equally horrific. We are entitled to our difference of opinions of course but the important thing is we do agree that if one ever wanted evidence of the fact that left liberalism is a mental disorder, one look at some articles from these websites would erase all doubts.

There was one particular piece on Huffington Post that prompted me to write this article. The article, by Gabby Aossey, titled ‘ Muslims are the true feminists ‘ basically argues that western feminism has gone off the rails (it’s the only thing that we agree on) and western women need to look at Muslim women in their midst to learn more about true women empowerment. As one person I follow on Twitter, Wagner Clemente Soto, remarked, “We used to avoid stating harsh truths out of politeness — but when the opposite lies are forced on us, politeness is worse than frivolous.”

Our tendency to avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable conversations is being used by proponents of the Left to push outright lies down our throats and promote garbage as an intellectual exercise. A normal person with a healthy mind immediately knows that what Gabby Aossey wrote in her piece is absolute garbage but intellectuals, to set themselves apart from the masses would gladly forsake the use of their own common sense to achieve the objective.

From the article, it is quite obvious that the author conflates Muslim women in Western countries with Muslim women all over the world and forms her judgment of Islamic culture after having viewed it strictly from the lenses of Western society, that is, she has formed her opinion of Muslim women after seeing how the Islamic society performs as a small subset of Western culture.

The author assumes that the plight of women in Islamic countries under Sharia law is the same as Muslim women in western countries where their rights are protected by a secular constitution. The author ignores the entirety of the violations of basic women rights in Islamic countries as a made-up media concoction.

Contrary to the author’s remarks, the Hijab and Burkha in almost the entire Islamic world is a compulsion and not a choice. The article is of course part of a greater liberal agenda of whitewashing the misogynistic nature of the Hijab as a mere choice women make. Quite obviously, for Muslim women in western countries, it is a choice because the secular constitution and the demography protects their right to not wearing it but in large parts of the Islamic world, it is a compulsion that is forced on the women by a society based on Islamic scriptures. We do have the liberty of creating our own fantasies and preach delusions as gospel truth. However, no amount of empty rhetoric can disassociate the Hijab from its intangible associations with a culture that is inherently designed against women rights.

The hallmark of the progressive delusion is the fact that in Western countries, liberals only glorify Muslim women who make the choice of wearing the Hijab and conveniently ignore the achievements of those who choose to exercise their right of not wearing one. Case in point, the entire liberal brigade in the USA went gaga over Ibtihaj Muhammad winning a bronze medal for the nation because she did it while wearing the Hijab but did not dedicate even one percent of that attention to Dalilah Muhammad who is the first US woman to win Olympic gold medal in 400m hurdles and she did it without wearing the Hijab. The attempt to reincarnate Hijab as a symbol of women empowerment has come to represent a critical focal point in the Clash of Civilizations. If liberals can whitewash an oppressive tool of a culture of misogyny to portray it as exactly the opposite, their cognitive dissonance sure allows them to believe in absolutely anything else. And it definitely proves one thing for certain, something that has been clear for quite a while, in the clash of civilizations, liberals are not an ally to the West. They are a liability, even a Trojan Horse.

For those of us who rely on our sensual receptors and common sense instead of intellectual exercise to gauge the ways of the world, it is amply clear that women rights in the Islamic world is a distant dream. And it is amply clear that the sad state of women rights in Islamic countries is a direct consequence of the teachings of Islam. Islamic scriptures are littered with verses that is an affront to the dignity and rights of women.

The unflinching support of certain sections of Western Feminists to Hijab and acting as staunch apologists for Islam and the atrocities that it has inspired is a testament of the progressive delusion. For years, the feminists have vigorously campaigned for the right of women to wear anything they want without being sexualized for it, even to the extent of lending active support for obnoxious campaigns such as ‘Free the Nipple’ but in 2016.

Feminists are busy remodeling the Hijab as a ‘choice’ of Muslim women.

Well, of course it is. Because modern Western society allows it to be a choice, the same that these feminists demonize day in and day out.