Why Lisa Haydon makes more sense than all feminists combined?

Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon, popular for her role in Queen and featuring in Houseful 3, recently attracted the infantile wrath of the urban feminists after she declared in an interview to Times of India that she wasn’t too fond of the word ‘Feminism.’ I quote, “I don’t like the word feminist. I don’t think women trying to be men is feminism. I also don’t believe in being outspoken for the sake of it, or just to prove a point. Feminism is just an overused term and people make too much noise about it for no reason. Women have been given these bodies to produce children, and the spirit and tenderness to take care of people around us. It’s fine to be an outspoken and working woman. I don’t want to be a man. One day I look forward to making dinner for my husband and children. I don’t want to be a career feminist.” Lisa Haydon ‘s remarks seem pretty harmless on the face of it and a normal level headed person wonders to himself what exactly is so offensive about her views? Lisa Haydon is neither attacking personal life choices nor is she humiliating other women for making any. One tends to wonder if Feminists have succeeded in solving every single issue in the world with their Feminist principles, which they never could even if they wanted to, that they are picking on a woman for simply sharing her views?


Very recently, Feminists attacked Tiger Shroff for asserting that he would prefer a housewife as his soul mate who would cook for him. Quite a few feminists, their numbers not as large as those attacking Lisa Haydon, latched on to the comment and began the ritualistic character assassination that ensues whenever a person does not conform to their world view. It seems, feminists are of the opinion, every superstar’s views must conform to their worldview, otherwise, the celebrities are idiots and ignorant in dire needs of divine intervention in the form of Feminist Education. Liberals have once again proved that they cannot handle remarks by a celebrity which goes a little against their treasured values without hyperventilating and losing their marbles.


“Women have been given these bodies to produce children, and the spirit and tenderness to take care of people around us.” Are Feminists of the opinion women’s bodies are not biologically designed to give birth to children? Since men can obviously not have children without becoming a woman, we can agree that bit about Lisa Haydon’s comments are factually correct. Then, Lisa Haydon makes a noble comment about what she feels are the duties and responsibilities of women in the society. The ‘spirit of tenderness’ and taking care of people around us is a noble virtue. Why would Feminists rant over a comment as innocuous as that? Are feminists of the opinion that they are free to be whiny, irresponsible, immature, selfish, arrogant and rude brats and we are obligated to respect their lifestyle choices and not judge them for it? Unfortunately, dear feminists, this is reality, not a virtual simulation of your fantasy world.


Lisa Haydon ‘s remarks which caused the most offense perhaps were, “Feminism is just an overused term,” and “I don’t want to be a career feminist.” Well, when young students walk around university campuses sticking sanitary napkins to trees and a young woman who refused to accept sanitary napkins from women who offer to help and wrote a lengthy rant on the internet about people staring at her, all in the name of Feminism, one tends to wonder if Lisa is really wrong when she says Feminism is an overused word. As for career feminists, perhaps she was referring to Feminists like Trupti Desai who managed to force herself into a Hindu Temple but meekly bowed out when it came to Haji Ali because she knew perfectly well there would be repercussions?


Some of the articles ridiculing Lisa Haydon for her remarks were cancerous to say the least. They are very much capable of killing healthy brain cells on their own. The Firspost article on the issue remarked, “Firstly, we wonder if Haydon realises that if women actually have been given bodies only to reproduce…” Well, a classic case of conflation to twist the issue into supporting one’s narrative. Lisa Haydon nowhere says that women are only meant to reproduce. The author should really have her eyes checked by a specialist.

Then, the author once again displaying the obvious fact that Lisa Haydon doesn’t have the capabilities of making her points amply clear on her own takes help from Tanmay Bhat’s video to communicate her thoughts. “If you believe that men and women should have equal rights, that’s it. That’s what makes you a feminist. That’s it. There’s nothing else.” Well, Tanmay, if you had bothered to actually read the Indian Constitution while you were too busy stuffing food into your belly, you would have noticed that Indian women (except Muslims) have the same legal rights as that of a man, they already have equal rights guaranteed to them and to top it off, they have a certain laws skewed in their favor, the Rape laws for example.

Tanmay proceeds to say, “It pisses me off when people paint feminists as constantly whining.” Well, why should we care if you are pissed? And what makes you think being offended makes your claims legitimate? “Equality is a fight that is being fought around the world for centuries now. It’s the most basic thing.” Yes, Tanmay, and we can see what it has led to in the West. ‘Equality’ in its most basic aspect is a legal issue and women in India already have legal equality. As for Social Equality, it is distant dream which can never be realized as it is based on a false premise which does not recognize the basic biological differences between men and women which predispose them to act and talk in a particular fashion. The author then asserts that she would *pay to watch* Tanmay Bhat in conversation with Lisa Haydon. Well, debating with feminists is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon will shit all over the board and strut around like a champion while you are too busy figuring out what on earth just happened.


On another website, Vagabomb, the article on the Lisa Haydon episode seems to have been written by a person who is under the impression you cannot communicate with your audience without “WHAT. WHAT. WHAT.” and assuming a patronising tone that gives off the impression she is a beacon of intellect and knowledge while everyone who disagrees with her is obnoxious and stupid who needs to be rescued from his or her ignorance. In fact it is the other way around.

The author asks, “Lisa Haydon, Why wouldn’t you want to be someone who fights for women’s rights, and stops people from hurting women?” Have you ever considered the possibility that it’s indeed possible to fight for women rights without adopting the tag of ‘feminist’? Or is a person’s contribution to women rights any less if he or she doesn’t endorse feminism? The author rambles on, “Women are a lot more than their looks and bodies. But because you don’t like feminism, you might just have to put up with this bullshit for a while.” Considering how it was Feminism which brought about the sexual liberation project, I find it a bit hypocritical that feminists are complaining about sexual objectification. Sexual Liberation without sexual objectification is a lot like asking for mangoes without seeds. It might be possible artificially but in a real working society, it is simply not possible. The author also argues, “People make too much noise about it because women still earn less than men, because women are still killed for wanting to work, saying no to men, wanting control of their bodies, and wanting to be born.” Well, for the umpteenth time, women earn less not necessarily because of Patriarchy but because they make different lifestyle choices than men. And just so you know, it is illegal in India to discriminate between men and women on the basis of sex and it is illegal for a woman to be paid less for the same amount of work. So, there you have it Feminists, ‘Equal Pay.’ Also, I do agree with the other bits but I don’t see how shaming a celebrity for her remarks is going to help with any of those issues, can anyone else?

With the Lisa Haydon episode, Feminists have once again displayed that they are highly intolerant of any critique of Feminism and instead of introspecting and working to improve Feminism as an ideology, they seek to silence all criticisms while furthering irrational arguments while hyperventilating.

They do not realize that ‘Feminism is for Equality’ is a claim and you cannot base your arguments on claims to prove your assertions. Also, Feminists have once again proved that it’s not enough for women to be smart, talented, beautiful, hardworking and a celebrity who would like to cook dinner for her husband and children to be worthy of respect, they must call themselves Feminists to be guaranteed of it. Feminism has developed into a cult which consists of people who think they shouldn’t be judged or criticized for the choices they make. They should be absolved of their responsibilities as they merrily enjoy the benefits Society provides them with.


Feminists like to claim credit for every good thing that has happened to women so far but they refuse to acknowledge the harm they have done to women. Feminists refuse to acknowledge that their biases and gullibility allowed tobacco companies to manipulate women into smoking, thereby expanding their consumer base and earning them huge profits.

Even at a recent ‘Smoke for Equality’ protest in Kolkata, Feminists encouraged women to smoke to break Gender prejudices and not a remote whimper was to be heard from Feminists when the unhealthy habit of Smoking was associated with the noble pursuit of Equality. Feminists also do not acknowledge that their biases shaped policies in the United States of America which encouraged single motherhood among the Black Community which has resulted in over 70% of Black children being raised without a father and in often broken families and thus perpetuated the vicious Ghetto culture which so troubles the prospects of the Black Community and denies children of the opportunity of a bright future.

Feminists also do not want to take responsibility for the thousands of lives which have been destroyed by false allegations of rape which are the natural consequences of Feminism gone wild which shaped Rape laws. Feminists never want to take responsibility and refuse to address the fact that their misguided activism has resulted in higher than ever rates of depression among urban women and alcohol and cigarette consumption. Feminism love to blame Patriarchy when their grand plans come to yield results. If more cocaine is not the solution to Cocaine addiction, how can more Feminism be the solution to the inherent flaws within Feminism?

Milo Yiannopoulos likes to say Feminism is cancer but I say modern Feminism is AIDS which destroys the immunity of women and urges them to make choices which are inherently bad for their well-being and then convince them to blame Patriarchy instead of their own lifestyle choices for their predicament. To Feminists who love to use ‘Feminism is for Gender Equality’ to silence all critique of Feminism, I shall only say, it’s what you do that defines you, not what you claim to be.