Odd Even Corruption: IVRS Scam, Fake Figures and much more

Odd Even Corruption

Vocabulary.com defines corruption as “Corruption is a dishonest action that destroys people’s trust. News of corruption at your bank might make you close your account and invest your money somewhere else.” True that. And Arvind Kejriwal is the torchbearer of everything anti-corruption in India. He is a self-styled Anti-Corruption crusader and self-certified the most honest CM in India. So if people talk about Odd Even Corruption, in my honest and most humble opinion that’s a direct attack on Arvind Kejriwal’s integrity and honesty. Let us begin this article with this funny video. IVRS calls can be frustrating, but none as frustrating as this one.

Ridiculous right?

Back in November 2015, The National Green Tribunal warned Delhi government for its casual approach on monitoring the entry of vehicles into the city via different points and directed to produce complete reports on it. Soon after that, the Delhi High Court said living in Delhi was like ‘living in a gas chamber’. So Delhi Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, declared his government’s decision – The Odd-Even formula to tackle the rising air pollution hazard in Delhi. The Odd-Even formula was a decision made in haste without giving a second thought for the actual repercussions of it. The Government failed to answer some burning questions:

  • Do we have good Public Transport System to handle the traffic influx?
  • Can the low income folks deal with auto and taxi costs?
  • Did the government have proper manpower and enough bandwidth to monitor or guide this massive a move?
  • Can the senior citizens travel safely?
  • So those who can afford a second vehicle, Will they stick to Public Transport?

Of course these were the questions asked before the first round of Odd-Even Formula. When it was implemented, it became clear to everyone that the answer to all the aforementioned questions was a big resounding NO. But to be fair to the Delhi CM, the odd even formula did decongest the perennially choked roads of Delhi. That was again the first round. This time however, even the choking continues to haunt the commuters. An optimist would say “People have switched to CNG” but a realist would say “Either People bought more cars or the compliance level is abysmally low”.

A common daily commuter is bound to get frustrated. And of course given a choice, he’ll certainly opt out of it. But believe it or not, a large majority of Delhi Commuters want another round of Odd Even formula. Yes they do, if AAP’s numerous internal survey findings are to be believed (and you saw the video too). But reality is different. Aam Aadmi Party is actually choking their godforsaken formula down people’s throats, which has been exposed by Vijay Goel in a series of tweets, which he collectively terms as Odd Even Corruption. Vijay Goel conducted Surveys to find out the solidity of the tall claims made by Arvind Kejriwal.


Odd Even Corruption Finding number 1: Survey finds People reject odd even scheme

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 2: People hated implementation in second phase

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 3: Around 2/3rd of Delhi terms Odd Even scheme as a failure

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 4: 31% of people who labelled it pass also don’t want it again

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 5: 71% of Delhi doesn’t want next phase of scheme

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 6: Pollution increased and traffic as well

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 7: 75% of Delhi thinks Kejriwal did not prepare enough from his side for Odd Even

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 8: Young people is the majority group that rejects the scheme

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 9: People are frustrated with waiting time at metro stations

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 10: 79% who passed the scheme also felt that traffic hasn’t reduced this time round

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 11: 87% of the respondents covered in the survey were annoyed of the high expenses

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 12: Kejriwal made tall claims about carpooling, 76% of Delhi did not carpool

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 13: 68% of Delhi FAILS odd even

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 14: 73% of Delhi finally puts its verdict, thinks 100cr publicity budget is ridiculous and not justified

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 15: 61% felt no change in traffic situation

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 16: 77% Delhi People unhappy with public transport

Odd Even Corruption Finding number 17: 71% of Delhi doesn’t want odd even again

So it is Kejriwal and Kejriwal alone who has benefited from the Odd Even Scheme. This has been his biggest publicity stunt ever. His posters glare at us from giant hoardings a-la`-Big Brother. His voice greets us every time we switch on our radio sets. Papers tell us how he is leading Delhi to the paths of prosperity. But the reality is different. Like a seasoned communist he is running Delhi with a well-oiled Propaganda Machinery and people are as intelligent as the information they get.

The reality is that Air pollution levels in Delhi rose 23 percent during the second phase of the odd-even registration rule, from 15 April to 29 April.


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