If social media had existed in the times of Krishna

Lord Krishna is said to be born in 3228 BCE in Mathura, India. He went on to become one of the guiding lights for the entire human race. He made an indelible impression upon Mankind’s collective consciousness. His direction inspired the fighter in Bhima, warrior in Arjuna and King in Yuddhisthira. He rewrote the spiritual destiny of India. He was a role model in his times and still is one of the most revered deities across the globe. His life has inspired many folklores, tales, poems, epics, movies.

With this post, the awesome people at Origzo, Ahmedabad are trying to figure out how Social Media would have looked in the times of Krishna.

1. Twitter: Garg Muni is elated after the “NaamaKaran Sanskar”

1 Twitter-krishna

2. Youtube: is abuzz with the viral video of miracle boy Krishna who lifted an entire hill on his little finger

2 youtube

3. Foursquare: First time in the Braj region, Why don’t you try checking into these places?

3 four-square

4. Facebook: Poking because Wall-posts are too mainstream!

4 poke

5. Facebook Page: The Biggest Facebook page of that era

5 facebook- krishna

6. Instagram: Draupadi’s most favorite social network

6 insta- krishna

7. WhatsApp: Texting was obsolete even back then

7 whatsapp_chats

All the images in this post belong to and have been mailed to us by Origzo, a digital media solution company based in Ahmedabad, India.

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